A urinalysis is a medical test of your urine used to detect a range of disorders and conditions. At Ultra Med Urgent Care we can quickly and easily perform this test and get your results back to you swiftly for peace of mind.

Why Would I Need a Urine Test?

  • To screen your overall health as part of a routine medical exam or if your doctor wants to look further into your health for any underlying disorders.
  • To diagnose a condition or presence of a substance.
  • To help monitor conditions such as kidney disease or a urinary tract condition.

The Results

While a urine test does not provide absolute results, it does provide a good indicator of whether or not further testing is necessary. Depending on your results the Ultra Med Physician may recommend a follow-up to conclude the results or perform more tests.

If you are located in the Skokie and Evanston, Illinois area and are in need of a urine test to help diagnose or detect a medical condition or illness, contact Ultra Med Urgent Care today for quick and accurate testing services.