Mono Test

If you are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, and sore throat this could be signs of illnesses, like the cold or flu. Unfortunately, these are also symptoms of other more serious illnesses like Mononucleosis.

What Will the Test Look at?

While these symptoms may seem harmless, it is important to get tested in the event that the symptoms continue to persist. With these symptoms, your Ultra Med Physician may look for signs that you have mono, such as an enlarged spleen. The doctor will also check to see if you have a swollen liver and white patches on your tonsils as further signs of the condition.

If the physician feels that it is necessary, you may also be asked to do blood testing for conclusive results. One type of test will look for antibodies, which your immune system creates in response to the virus. Another test will look at for a certain type of white blood cell your body uses to fight this type of infection.

If you haven’t been feeling your best and the above symptoms sound familiar, It might be time to contact Ultra Med Urgent Care for a mono test. If you are in the Skokie and Evanston, Illinois area and are in need of any screening or testing, Ultra Med Urgent Care can help you to feel at ease with quick and comprehensive results.