Digital X-ray

Digital X-Ray is a newer development in radiography in which digital technology is used instead of traditional photographic film. In the past when photographic film was used, developing the images involved a lengthy chemical process. Here at Ultra Med Urgent Care, we are able to offer you quick and accurate results using the newer and more accurate digital technology that is available.

Why Should I Choose Digital for my X-ray?

The benefits to choosing a provider that performs digital x-rays is key when you want to see your results and get the appropriate care as soon as possible. having to wait for the image to develop in older forms can only further delay your treatment. Thanks to this new technology, these x-rays reduce radiation exposure by over 70%.

How is Digital X-ray Used?

Digital x-ray is used to see inside the body to detect anomalies with bones and other structure just like traditional X-rays but only quicker and with far less radiation. Similar to the traditional type of x-ray, the technician will get you positioned properly either on a table or a chair and will begin taking pictures of the affected area.

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