RSV Test

When someone has come down with a cold there is a risk of contracting a respiratory infection from the common cold. Tests are typically done when there has been a known outbreak and not so much as a routine exam.

How is RSV Diagnosed?

A viral detection test can be done to those who are at higher risk for infection such as young children and the elderly. This test consists of the swabbing of nasal drainage fluid. This test is done to determine whether or not precautions should be taken to prevent the spreading of the illness.

What Happens if My Symptoms Do Not Improve?

If the symptoms the patient is exhibiting do not improve, further testing can be done here at Ultra Med Urgent Care to help you get treatment before further complication occurs such as a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia. Other measures that can be taken are blood tests to take a look at your current body chemistry, as well as an Oximetry test to determine blood oxygen levels.

If you are located in the Skokie and Illinois area and feel that your cold is not improving, getting tested for a respiratory infection will help you to feel better sooner with the quick treatment that is available at Ultra Med Urgent Care.