Laceration Repair

If you find yourself with an accidental cut or tear in the tissue in the skin, you may be need of urgent laceration repair to help with the healing process. Here at Ultra Med Urgent Care, we are equipped to repair these injuries quickly and effectively. Depending on the extent of your injury, the method used to close the would differ.

How Do I Know if I Need Laceration Repair?

First, if your cut appears shallow and is relatively small with little to no bleeding, you most likely do not need medical attention. In this situation, a bandage and antibiotic ointment will be enough to effectively treat the wound.

  • Cuts and wounds that may need medical attention will involve the following:
  • Deeper layers of tissue exposed, such as fat, muscle or bone
  • Foreign substances left over in the cut after cleaning
  • Bleeding exceeds 10-15 minutes after pressure is applied
  • Uneven edges on the wound that may impede proper healing
  • 1/4’’ depth or more
  • A cut or laceration on a joint or sensitive area

How to Treat Laceration Repairs

Minor Cuts and Scrapes that occur can often times be treated at home. To stop any bleeding, start with applying pressure with a clean cloth or gauze. if bleeding persists, continue with more pressure and add more cloth. If you can elevate the cut this will help slow blood flow to the area and subsequently slow bleeding. Once bleeding stops, apply an antibiotic cream or an antiseptic and bandage the wound. If symptoms worsen, contact Ultra Med Urgent Care or come n and seek medical attention.

Different Laceration Repair Options

At Ultra Med Urgent Care, we may use the following methods to treat a variety of wounds.

  • Liquid Stitches or Adhesive – An adhesive glue can be used to close cuts that are located on static areas. This method is typically avoided for joints.
  • Adhesive Strips – These strips can be used on cuts with clean edges that can easily be pushed together to close.
  • Traditional Stitches – Traditional stitches are typically reserved for deeper wounds that need to be repaired for optimal healing due to jagged edges and exposed tissue.

Recovery From Laceration Repair

After seeking medical attention for your laceration, it is important to care for your wound after arriving home. It is essential that you keep your wound clean and dry and follow the directions of the physician.

Patients in the Skokie, Evanston, Illinois areas who are in need of laceration repair can contact Ultra Med Urgent Care today for quick and comprehensive care.