Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing is a widely used form of testing for illegal drugs. It is common for most adults to be tested before starting a new job. These tests are simple and effective for screening for potential drug usage. The most common drugs that these tests are done to identify are marijuana, cocaine, opiates, hallucinogens, and amphetamines.

How Far Back Can a Drug Be Found?

The ability for a urine test to detect a drug based on the time of ingestion will depend on the individual drug. This is because each substance has a different chemical makeup.

  • Amphetamines – up to 5 days
  • Long Acting Barbituates – up to 4 weeks
  • Short Acting Barbituates – 2 days
  • Cannabis – up to two months, depending on frequency
  • Cocaine – Between 1-4 days
  • Psychoactive Drugs (Shrooms, PCP, Acid etc.) – up to ten days
  • Opiates – approximately one week

How is a Urine Test Performed?

While a positive urine test does not necessarily mean that a potential employee was “under the influence” at the time of the urine test, it has become the standard for showing possible “current use” of a drug to the U.S. Department of Labor. Urine testing is also the only method allowed for federally mandated drug tests. To begin, you will be asked to remove everything from your pockets and leave any jackets outside of the restroom. you will be given a cup to urinate into and you will be required to fill this container to a certain marked level for adequate testing.

Will My Medications Show Up?

If you are currently prescribed any “controlled substances” it will be important to prove proof of these prescriptions at the time of your testing. Prescriptions to treat pain as well as attention deficit disorders often contain similar substances to the drugs that you are being screened for.

As long as you have proper documentation and clearance from the prescribing physician, you can easily go about your urine test to screen for other substances.

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