Employee Physicalsemployee Physicals

If you are in need of an employee physical for your employer, Ultra Med Urgent Care has the experience and resources to help you accomplish this. An employee physical is often done to determine if an employee is well suited for the job they have been placed in. This helps determine one’s capabilities and needs to help you better prepare for your job before your first day.

What Is an Employee Physical?

After you’ve received a job offer, you may notice that the offer or job description will include “job requirements” which are often related to physical ability. The physical will only screen for the abilities required for your specific position. The purpose of this physical is to prevent you from potential injuries from occurring on the job.

This physical is not meant to discriminate those with limitations but rather to help your employer better understand their employee’s different physical competences and requirements. By evaluating your proficiencies, Ultra Med urgent care helps your employer prepare you for the start of your new job.

What Can I Expect from My Physical?

For this physical, you may be asked to complete different tasks that are related to your specific occupation. These skills or task could include lifting objects of a certain weight. If you do in fact become injured on the job, your employer may require a physical in order to return to work. This physical will be done to ensure that you are able to resume all duties involved in your job.

If you are located in the Skokie and Evanston, Illinois area and are in need of an Employee Physical for your job, contact Ultra Med Urgent Care to set up your physical.