Breath Alcohol Testing

When in the process of starting a new job, your new employer may require a breath alcohol test to screen for regular use. This test is quick and simple and can be done right along with your other occupational testing requirements. Ultra Med Urgent Care offers a variety of convenient occupational testing to help you get started on your new career.

How Breath Alcohol Tests Work

The person being tested for alcohol use will be instructed to blow into a Breathalyzer, and the results are given as a decimal number. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC), shown as a decimal number states the current level of alcohol in the blood.

Employers often require alcohol testing for the following purposes:

The employer may have a policy that tests when there is probable cause as well as other documented signs of possible alcohol or drug use.

Another scenario is post-accident testing if there was suspected alcohol or drug as the cause.

Random testing may be performed on an unannounced, unscheduled basis

If you are an employer or employee in the Skokie and Evanston, Illinois area looking for fast and efficient alcohol breath testing, contact Ultra Med Urgent Care to set up your occupational testing today. Ultra Med offers a variety of medical services as well as occupational testing services.