Audio Testing

Just like the physical demands of a job, sensory demands are equally important when operating a vehicle or even heavy machinery in a loud working environment. The most common form of testing done in adults is Pure-Tone testing, as the other forms are most likely used to test hearing abnormalities in young children. Having adequate hearing in both ears is important to an employee being alert on the job, particularly in transportation jobs.

How Does Pure-Tone Audio Testing Work?

Pure-tone audio testing is done to gauge just how faint of a tone a person can identify. The tones are played in a variety of pitches on one or both sides of the headphones to test the patient’s ability to identify the direction of the sounds.

What Should I Expect From The Test?

To start the test, the person being tested will have headphones placed on their head and the audiologist will begin playing noises on the different side of the headphones. The test subject will be asked to press a button whenever they hear a sound (either right or left ear). The tones will change in pitch and frequency until a threshold is reached at a variety of levels and for both ears. Once completed, the testing device will record the results. In certain circumstances, the testing can be completed manually by a trained staff member.


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