DOT Physicals

If you are currently or are in the process of becoming employed by the Department of Transportation, there are regulations set in place to make sure your health matches what is expected of you on the job. The Federal law will require operators of commercial vehicles to comply with the process of regular physical examinations. Here at Ultra Med, we make completing these physicals easy by catering to all kinds of schedules.

What Are DOT Physicals?

The full name for these exams is Department of Transportation Medical Examinations, but it’s regularly abbreviated to DOT physicals. DOT physicals are intended to determine an employee’s physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. This is done due to the possibility of related issues impacting an operator’s ability to safely spend long hours on the road while protecting the safety of others.

 What Should I Expect for the Exam?

A DOT exam will include an evaluation of your vision, hearing, blood pressure, heart rate, and overall physical ability. If you are prescribed any medications, it is recommended that you bring a detailed list to the exam, including dosage and your doctors’ information. If you require corrective vision (glasses or contacts) or hearing (Hearing aids), please bring these forms at the time of the exam.

If you are in need of a DOT physical for your job, you can be sure that Ultra Med will conduct these tests with efficiency and professionalism. Employers and employees in the Skokie and Evanston, Illinois areas who are in need of DOT physicals should contact Ultra Med Urgent Care today for professional occupational medicine services.